Cutting Circles With A Router

In woodworking, the router is probably the most used power tool in the shop to build and complete many projects. With the available variety of router bits, accessories and jigs, design and creative possibilities are endless. To any serious woodworker, the router is a must have tool.

Besides creating edge treatments and making moldings and a variety of joints,the router can be used to make shapes, patterns and templates. Patterns and templates can come in handy when making multiples of a piece, or for a project that you frequently make.

One of the hardest shapes to make in woodworking  is the perfect radius or circle. There are many ways to cut these shapes, but when perfection is required, the router is the tool of choice.

Other ways to cut circles and radii include the jigsaw, band saw and scroll saw. To try and freehand the cuts for these shapes and expect perfection is next to impossible. There are jigs and fixtures that can be bought or made to make these shapes, but the end result doesn’t quite stack up to the results you can get with a router.

router trammel

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